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Coated nonwoven production

Non-woven bag as the best selection of bags, largely because of the cheaper cost, the majority of consumer preferences and business, but people discovered in use as shopping bags available, not too strong when heavy items. And businesses to non-woven bag products and discover that the pattern isn't as bright, detailed the company's image, not up to the publicity.
both lack of limits against non-woven bag, because non-woven bag making technology decisions, not a problem for non-woven quality of. In order to meet customer demand, another manufacturing process of non-woven bag, that is the film non woven bag production, the so-called film non woven bag, it's really quite simple, and is in the non-woven bag coated with a layer of green OPP film, film of his non-woven bag, said a OPP film is in itself a material with good environmental performance.
covered with a layer of OPP films, so if the customer printing requirements are high, need to achieve very high printing accuracy, so we can print complex designs on film, and OPP films covering non-woven cloth, and finally, we can produce very fine non-woven bag printing.
film non woven bag higher cost than the General non-woven bag, so businesses require the production of such non-woven bags, better graphics, and checks, so as to meet the business requirements and prevent errors, resulting in unnecessary losses. Non-woven bags for bags to choose, are the most affordable, solution to environmental problems, and relatively inexpensive.

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