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Embroidery bag

Now more popular low-carbon life, few can promote environmental protection products are applied to "environmental protection". Let easy transformation of which bags, is one of the categories. Now available in popular green bags a lot, are manufacturers or merchants through a unified design and mass-distributed into the hands of marketing costs are, there may be some friends feel too monotonous, and want to help businesses advertise here is a DIY eco bag.
many female friends, hand skillfully, can do embroidery craft. This is our traditional culture. Can take the time to pick on the market yourself like a bag or cloth bag. After you buy, on their favorite place to paint the corresponding pattern, and a needle with a needle embroiders his pattern.
do so out of the bag, we can highlight your personality, but also designs according to their own ideas, holding a green bag, can divert themselves, also attracted a lot of people walking in the streets "clocking".
marketing costs are eco-friendly at the same time, pay more attention to the appearance of the United States.

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