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Non-woven bag colour and specification

  Environmentally friendly fashion, is the latest mission of non-woven bags. Friends walking down the street, look, you can see wide variety environmentally-friendly bag. These stylish color green bag how to categorize it, then we'll have to study them.
main some color has: red, and orange, and pink, and pink, and beige, and light blue, and yolk, and shallow purple, and shallow fruit color, and deep grass, and white, and apricot color, and silver, and date red, and Sapphire, and dark green, and blue, and deep coffee, and black, and shallow coffee, and color blue, and deep purple, and deep fruit green, and shallow grass, and orange yellow, and shallow peach so we in set environmental bags Shi, on have wants to himself like what color, with up compared comfortable. Some companies also used in propaganda for commercial purposes, reach the consumer the kind of design requirements.
    use non-woven fabric is quite extensive, in every aspect of our life and work. Widely used in medical supplies, hygiene items, bedding, automotive supplies, travel supplies, clothing shoes, bag, handbag, bags, sofa, agricultural protection, new building materials, highways green, CD covers, isolating and decorating cloth and so on.
non-woven fabrics must have their own characteristics, be acceptable to consumers and businesses.
1) ventilation 2) filter 3) insulation 4) absorbent 5) waterproof 6) scale 7) does not answer 8) feel good, soft 9) light 10) flexible, resilient 11) no directionality of fabric 12) compared with textile fabrics producer high production speed 13) low prices, mass production, and so on. 14) size is fixed, not easily deformed

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