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Wine application

1, the enterprises and institutions. Will return for the enterprise, product launches, dealers, annual Festival choice imported wines, is sending health and culture. Both customers, banquet meals need to buy wine.
  2, party and Government organs. Buy both per capita consumption and the festivals, they all have strong purchasing power.
  3, monopoly industries. Such as the oil industry, banks, the communications industry of VIP customer gifts, Conference gifts, gifts score, imported wine is a good choice. Meanwhile, the reception needs of such a large number of buying wine.
  4, golf industry. Golf is a symbol of nobility, taste with wine, sharing fashion, health, happiness.
  5, automotive sales industry. New car listings, 4S shop wine tasting Association, not fine France wine fun.
  6, real estate enterprises. Select France wine shop as opening gifts, client gifts, activities, gifts, dinner with wine and other occasions, any combination of various high profile boxes, show personality as well as free media.
  7, foreign-funded enterprises. Wine in Western culture plays a very large role, personalized portfolio can be customized according to the requirements of foreign-funded enterprises, as well as doing some personalized necklace, unique culture of outstanding foreign-funded enterprises.
  8, private enterprises. Send wine as part of staff welfare, people can appreciate fully the care and warmth of the enterprise, as a company, can highlight the bundled brand quality and content.
  9, gift Collections. Sending a value to the collection and appreciation of France wine, wealth, fashion, taste in one set, is representative of the giver's taste, but the recipient's respect and friendship.

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