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Service process
A, and sale Qian service:
1, and sale Qian free advisory service
phone Advisory;
visit company Advisory;
online online Advisory;
door Advisory;
2, and sale Qian understand
1) gift basic knowledge understand:
to makes you better of understand gift industry, we specially designed for you prepared has a copies electronic document of description material, detailed description gift industry of development course, and currently of status, and future development trend.
2) album journal recommendation:
to give you a better buy, our recent product was specially designed for you album.
3) boutique advisers keep pushing on QQ
company provides quality consultants, they selected after the company, are able to give you advice, you find your boutique feel.
Second, the sale of services
1 signed a purchase agreement, according to the company's discount prices, delivery of the deposit.
2, understand customer needs, customer needs, we have appointed senior design designing for products that customers demand.
3, after the drawings so that customer verification, and drawings produced after confirmation of production.
4, the goods to the customer after delivery full delivery.

III, after-sales service after a successful transaction, a defective product (non-human), please contact us promptly, we will appoint specialized staff on-site information, after-sales service.

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